Youmedico’s Solutions

With state of the art solutions, Youmedico is a pioneer in the field of modern and futuristic medical care services


Our telemedicine solution will improve Patient Outcomes and increase revenue. It will also help with the following

  • Managing schedule - Through our web apps, users have full control over their schedules.
  • Defining session length – Users can easily input their preferred session duration and make sure no one will exceed that time limit.
  • Decreasing no-shows – Multiple appointment confirmations and reminders indicating upcoming sessions and minimise no-shows.
  • Secure payments - Besides functional features, we also make sure all your payments are handled securely. Our software uses highly reliable and trusted payment solutions to proceed with online transactions.
  • Setting pricing – Users manage their pricing for telemedicine sessions.
  • Transaction history – Transparency is one of Youmedico's core principles. We offer various online payment options and let users check their billing history whenever they want.
  • Timely follow-ups – Using the power of automation in telemedicine improves users' efficiency. Users can set automatic rules to follow-up with their patients based on health status.
  • Consultation through messaging – In addition to audio and video calls, we also have a message consultation feature.
  • Consultation notes – Users can also take a note during, before, or after the consultation to keep all the details organised and accessible.
  • Database – Our software keeps the medical history of all patients in one place. Thanks to this feature, doctors can advise their patients more efficiently.

Remote Patient/Health Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) utilises the digital setup of sensors, IoT-platforms and devices to gather health data from patients. This is then electronically transferred in a secure way to medical professionals in another location for assessment.

Our monitoring solutions can gather a broad range of health information from the point of care, such as weight, blood sugar and pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate, and electrocardiograms.

Global Medical Staff Database

Our Global Medical Staff Database lists hundreds of doctors specialising in various medical branches. This is available to healthcare providers and patients.

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