Medicine Redefined With a Swedish Touch

We simplify medical processes through our integrated SaaS solutions. Our unique software options are customisable and accessible via websites and mobile apps.

Our Solutions

Many patients are unable to regularly visit a specialist. Our software bridges the gap between professional medical care and patients, no matter where they are in the world.


Opting for Telemedicine will help you save time with

  • Timely follow-ups
  • Consultation via messaging
  • Having access to the patient’s medical history on the software
  • Alerts for upcoming sessions
  • Managing schedule

This will help you improve patient outcome and increase revenue. Our apps are available on Android, iOs and the web.

Our software also ensures payments are processed in a secure manner.

Remote Patient/Health Monitoring (IoT)

We have designed RPM using the latest technology. Our RPM solutions efficiently detect anomalies and chronic diseases while lowering the diagnosis and treatment expenses.

Global Medical Staff Database

Our Global Medical Staff Database is a digital healthcare sourcing platform which has the information of hundreds of medical specialists. This is available to both healthcare providers and patients.

Why Us?

Youmedico is part of the Youpal Group. We combine the best of technology with ethical practices, so our business benefits everyone positively.

HIPAA compliant

Data security and product safety is our top priority and you can trust Youmedico to be compliant with all rules.

Secure and fast

Our app is automatically synchronised. You don’t have to wait in queue or even see the loading symbol on your screen.

Powerful dashboard

Our organised dashboard makes it easy to navigate through the website.


Youmedico’s cloud database collects and saves patient information to help faster and better medical advice.

Custom to fit

Customise Youmedico to fit your requirements and needs.

Custom Domain

Youmedico also provides custom domains to make each patient unique.

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