Go Remote And Your Patients Will Multiply

Youmedico will keep your high-risk patients away from the hospital and provide you with the means to monitor their health and treat them accordingly.

How Can You Benefit From Youmedico?

Our solutions optimise the entire process of patient care from appointment, diagnosis to treatment.

Doctors can easily track and monitor patients’ health status using our software.

Track & Monitor

Our software solutions ensure patients are able to understand their treatment plan effectively.

Advanced Segmentation

Our in-built algorithm provides you with valuable analytics optics and information. This helps doctors minimise risks and maximise treatment efficiency.

Specialized Care

We have a pre-existing protocol for multiple health issues which can be easily adapted according to specific conditions. They include:

Pain management
Heart diseases
Asthma, etc.

Cloud-based Database

Youmedico’s cloud database can gather patient information which can be accumulated and examined to improve patients’ overall health and power patient care programs with preoperative assessments, post-discharge monitoring, session alerts and related documentation.

Video Sessions

We offer high-quality video call options for patients who prefer speaking to their doctors face-to-face.

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