It is about, You, Me and Us

Every story is similar to each other or at least has similar beginnings. Companies are created and founded because there was a necessity and because the right people found each other with the right values and the right time. In these terms, you will not find anything radically different about the Youpal Group story, though what you will find is that Youpal Group managed to create not the only story but a history.

Creating a history needs courage and a vibrant goal. It needs a truly strong spirit and sparkle. Karl Leahlander and Ruben Teijeiro managed to set the fire from the small sparkle and founded Sweden originated the Youpal Group company back in 2016. Shortly after, two of them were joined by James Baker-Duly.

This trio managed to reflect their passion and dedication to the company they managed to give the whole company humanity and charisma. This is the reason why ever since the very beginning, Youpal has grown and transferred into a place where you can never get tired of innovations and developments. Youpal Group is currently operating in 8 different countries on three continents and in almost every single industry and field, you could probably think of.

It is about, You, Me and Us

The reason why Youpal is capable of new achievements and constant development in a very short period of time is that the vision and the goals are something that unites people within the company. The vision and goals are to make the overall global digital market more comfortable and accessible for people all over the world. The company is oriented on creating innovative and technologically advanced solutions for every industry. Every new achievement opens the new door to new levels, and every new door is wider and larger.

Initially, the company was founded with the IT focus, though time by time, it became clear that IT is everything and everything could be in IT. Thus, the vision of the company evolved and now implies full virtualization and technological advancement of every industry and business, regardless of the size and type.

Creating the roadmap to the suited solutions for businesses is what Youpal’s vision has diverted into. With the Youpal roadmap, it doesn't really matter where you start, because we can always take you to the point where you want to be. I am because You are, and We are because you want to be with Us.

Without You, there is no Pal

Without You, there is no Youpal, as you are the most important component. With this, Youpal does not only contribute to the improvement and technological progress of your business but impacts your culture, because we are eager to name Youpal as a digital infrastructure culture enabler. The culture enabling and implementing is our main key to every single door we open.

Here, in the Youpal Group, we can get you acquainted with technology-agnostic solutions, and create a culture that understands the purpose and goal of any digital implementation, installation, strategy, or change. We want to make you part of the foundation and infrastructure of any business domain.

We are being Technizmatic

With the ever-changing and challenging technological progress, it is hard to keep up with them, though, here we create our own rhythm of changes. We establish innovation strategies and identify our future as a smart and better future.

We add charisma to technology and thus, make it outstanding!

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